How to choose the right chair mat for your desk or room:

First, select your floor type and carpet thickness,

It’s important to select the right weight and thickness of chair mat for your particular application, or else you may shorten the life of the mat and your carpet. Here are the weights we suggest:

Second, select your chair mat’s size,

Pick the size that meets your requirements & place your order; it’s that easy.

Your chair mat should last.

When you buy from us, we make it our pledge to offer you durability, great flooring protection, quality appearance and great value on every product we sell. This level of quality of didn’t “just happen”, it’s the result of over four decades of research, development and testing.

Our products are made from a specially developed American-made compound to provide firm, scuff resistant surfaces. That allows you effortless mobility on your office chair – reducing back strain and keeping you comfortable and productive. In addition, our mats are exceptionally clear, enhancing the natural beauty of your carpet or wood floor.

Top 5 Reasons Why Our Chair Mats Are Different:

1) Our Chair Mats Provide PROTECTION

With the cost of carpet and hardwood floors ever increasing, it makes good sense to protect your investment with a chair mat. We have the thickest mats available — providing superior protection for your floors.

Although newer carpet is dense enough to allow a chair to roll, carpet fibers and backing are not designed to handle the extreme pressure generated by casters. The down-force of a chair is nearly 100 times greater than a footstep! Under this stress, unprotected carpet will lose fibers and backing will break down, shortening the life of the carpet. A chair mat spreads this down-force and prevents damage to carpeting. Likewise, our chair mats protect your hardwood floor from scuffs caused by your office chair.

2) Our Chair Mats Provide MOBILITY

Coaxing your desk chair across a carpeted floor can feel like pulling a ball & chain. Our chair mats provide a tough surface designed to deliver effortless mobility. That’s comforting news for you and your back!

3) Our Chair Mats Provide CLARITY

We’ve designed our chair mats to perfectly match any office decor. Our vinyl mats offer maximum transparency, allowing the beauty of your flooring to show through.

4) Our Chair Mats Provide TOUGHNESS

We ensure that only the highest quality resins & other ingredients go into our products. We understand that there are NO shortcuts to quality. In fact, we back every chair mat with a lifetime guarantee to never crack, chip, brake or shatter under normal usage!

5) Our Chair Mats REDUCE Injury and Fatigue.

A chair mat can significantly reduce lower back and joint strain because casters move more easily across a hard surface.
Did you know? In an eight hour workday, an office worker moves his or her chair more than 250 times per day. Some of these movements may be just inches, but they require up to twice as much effort without a chair mat. Given the frequency of movements, a workspace without a one is more susceptible to Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). Our mats are ergonomic tools for reducing the likelihood of RSI and lower fatigue.

Although others companies offer 2 to 3 year warranty’s, we offer a lifetime warranty on all vinyl chair mats. That’s a lifetime. Also, no one can boast a lower return rate.

Since we were founded in 1978, less than 0.3% (3 out of 1,000) have been damaged in normal use. The best warranty is the one you never have to use!

Our products are not only built to last, they look good too! While our competition accepts missing studs or black specs in their products, you receive a perfect mat from us every time or a replacement is shipped immediately.

More than 5,000 mats are stocked in our warehouse in a wide variety of styles, thicknesses, sizes and shapes allowing you to choose the right one for your particular application and space.